Winter and Fur Babes

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If You're Cold - They're Cold.  

Without a doubt, we love our fur babies like members of our families, because they must certainly are.

It's important to know that when the temperature drops, your dog can not open doors, and can not send you a text.  If the temperature is going to be below freezing, bring them in.  If you absolutely can not bring them in, be sure they have a warm, dry, space to lay in.  You can buy heated floor mats, and specialty mats online for extra safety.  

Pets need more calories in the winter months.  Always feed your babies high quality foods, and pay special attention to their eating habits during the colder months. 

Never use metal water or food bowls when it's cold - their tongue could stick to it, causing a world of pain.

Wipe off paws when they come in from the cold - wet, snow, dry or otherwise.  This helps fight off frostbite, and regardless cuts down on tracked in dirt.

When it gets icy, and cities, towns and counties begin throwing salt out, rinse your pets paws with warm water once home.  Road salt is not only painful, but can cause real damage if left unattended.